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Cockroach Racing™

Cockroach Racing has all the elements of a top performing game, player interaction, anticipation and a format that is familiar to the player - all coming together to create a compelling racing game.

RTP% configuration with Mystery Bonus Chip Award feature : 93.8%.

Cockroach Racing is basically a mini roulette game, using bugs instead of a roulette wheel. Place your bets on any number from 0 to 12 to be paid odds of 11/1 for a straight-up number. You may also bet on splits and corners, columns of three and four numbers, and outside bets of red and black, with the odds paying accordingly.

Player places chips on table then presses Start.

Random chance of Mystery Bonus Chip awarded – this can be placed anywhere on the table.

Auto countdown then Race begins.

Thirteen Bugs race to the finish line in lanes numbered from 0 to 12 on a roulette coloured

racing grid with the first across being the “winner”.

Cockroach Racing™