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Out of this world: Astra to make star-studded appearance at ICE London

Astra will be part of the unmissable Novomatic Group presence at ICE London with a collection of high impact, creative games covering B1, B3 and Category C. Ian Shreeve is on hand to guide us through what’s in store at the ExCel Centre.

Showing the collective insight and expertise of the game design teams based at both Bridgend and Nottingham, Novomatic UK focus is on the delivery of fully fledged gaming experiences for UK players as sales and marketing director, Ian Shreeve described. “While ICE is very much a global show, Novomatic UK is well represented with products that unless the industry has been hiding away in either of our games development centres, will come as a complete and total surprise to the market.”

He explained: “Gaming is part of the broadly based and super competitive entertainment industry and players now demand to be entertained when they part with their hard earned leisure spend. The combination of creativity in game content and the ability to deliver that content in a compelling and futuristic way are two of Novomatic UK’s stand out credentials which will be to the fore at ICE London next week during what promises to be an outstanding celebration of gaming.”

ICE London will also feature the world debut of the Prismatic sit down digital gaming terminal. Shreeve stated: “The Prismatic, which has been on test in volume numbers since October, has a forward order book that will keep the production lines at full capacity through to the end of April. We have been seeing income uplifts on average in excess of 40 percent and that’s without cannibalising revenue from other machines.

“Because we recognise that one size doesn’t fit all, we have developed a special sit down version of the Prismatic which enables players to enjoy the same game playing experience in supreme, unrivalled comfort. The sit down Prismatic features a lower height level, slant top cabinet which enables operators to position the game in the mid-floor of an AGC without interrupting the venue’s sight lines. Available in both Category C and B3 formats, the Prismatic sit down is a genuine AGC centrepiece attraction that plays as good as it looks.”

He continued: “There are no ‘me too’ games on the terminal. Instead, every game is designed to cater for specific likes and preferences. It’s this quality and diversity of content that explains why Prismatic terminals are delivering exceptional cash box figures. Prismatic is delivering a new experience and in the process attracting new players.

“Prismatic’s game pipeline is provided not by a solitary content house but by five - comprising Astra, Bell-Fruit, Novomatic, Innov8 and Harlequin. That’s five teams of developers working independently from five different locations, each team with its own personality, mind set and inspiration. Having exclusive and proven content means that operators are able to connect with players from around the world, including those who are attracted to and familiar with games carrying the universally admired Novomatic badge. No other games developer can offer this, placing Prismatic at the heart of the modern gaming experience.”

Alongside Prismatic, Astra will be showing Big Bonus Wheel, it’s immersive B1 compendium housed in the brand’s acclaimed VIP Lounge cabinet. Shreeve, stated: “We are supplying our customers with a pipeline of premium quality games that target all segments of the modern player base. Big Bonus Wheel creates great theatre and we have examples of venues which have seen an overall uplift in income following its introduction, with the cash box figures showing great consistency.” 

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