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EAG Q&A with Astra’s Alan Rogers

Alan Rogers, Sales and Marketing Director at Astra Games, answers some of the key talking points surrounding EAG International Expo 2015.
Q: What are the flagship products Astra will be displaying at EAG?
A: On the video gaming front we have a new Cat C multiplayer compendium titled Community £100 Bonus comprising Space Kings, Winwall, Cashanooga, Bars Attacks, Thunderflash Cash and 100.00BC. For B3 video, the company will showcase Slotto 500 – a single player that comes fully loaded with 21 great titles from Astra and NOVOMATIC. It will be joined by the four-player Mega Slot. Sticking with B3 Astra will also be pushing Jackpot 500 in the new FOBT style wooden cabinet. In terms of analogue, Buyers looking for strong analogue performers won’t be disappointed either, with games including the Cat C multi-player Arena Bullion Bars Streak, House of Fortune Multistake, Gold Vault Streak and the established Electrocoin favourite, Bar X. Moving on to Cat D, Astra will offer two three-players in House of Fortune Classic and Gold Vault Classic, both in the WOW cabinet.
Q: How will the product composition and style of the Astra stand at the upcoming EAG differ from that of EAG 2014?
A: Every year we look to build on each and every successful product and develop new and innovative game styles that bring a compelling new edge to our portfolio. So from a product perspective, I’d have to say that is our main point of differentiation from EAG 2014. Visitors will also notice a big difference to the aesthetics of our stand thanks to the inclusion of our VIP Wall which forms a stunning backdrop. It really does bring out the best in our product line-up.
Q: Did Astra take any lessons from exhibiting at ACOS? If so, how will they be applied at EAG?

A: One of the big things to come out of ACOS was that the industry still retains its core passion and that there remains a healthy appetite for great new games. I think it’s vital we all take that enthusiasm forward and apply it to our approach at EAG and for the rest of 2015
Q: Are there any specific market challenges or opportunities that Astra foresees for 2015?

A: I think that one of the key product sectors that will continue to present an interesting challenge is Category C. Obviously we’ve been working tremendously hard to produce compelling Cat C games that work with the £100 jackpot during 2014, and we understand the need to capitalise more on its potential. We’re committed to working harder still in 2015 to ensure we unlock that potential.
Q: Cabinet presentation seems to have been integral in Astra’s game design. Are there any new design features we can look forward to in the upcoming year?
A:  The short answer is ‘yes’, there is a number of concepts that we are introducing as part of our cabinet design process. Come and visit us at EAG and we’ll gladly demonstrate some of the innovations we have coming through.

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