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Cat C Lite adds player value at softer end of gambling spectrum

Astra Games has undertaken a significant new product initiative based on what the industry is informally calling ‘Category C Lite’. The ‘Type 2’ machine classification – to give it its formal title - enables a 20p/£10 stake/prize configuration that attracts the lower, five per cent rate of Machine Games Duty (MGD).

The company will initially launch three models geared toward the new configuration. They comprise the hugely successful and popular Bullion Bars and Party Time along with r-cade777, a stunning, brand new compendium that features eight of Astra’s top performing titles.

Astra Sales and Marketing Director Alan Rogers commented: “The emergence of ‘Type 2’ is a welcome development for the industry; one that has significant potential for the manufacturing sector to create some exciting new games that deliver a high quota of entertainment for the player.

“The fact that it operates within a relatively low stake/prize bandwidth is reflected in its positioning in the lower five per cent rate of MGD. And that has to be good news for customers who can now access a value-for-money product that offers a slightly more compelling prize option, yet crucially remains at the softer end of the gambling spectrum.”

Astra would like to remind stakeholders that games coming under this machine classification qualify for the five per cent rate of MGD applicable from February 6 2014 according to the Machine Games Duty (Types of Machine) Order 2014. As such they are subject to any future change in MGD that may subsequently be imposed on a ‘type 2 machine’.


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