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Astra TiTo solution is tried and tested

Astra Games, one of the three manufacturing arms of NOVOMATIC UK, has positioned itself at the vanguard of the TiTo revolution thanks to a growing range of games that are compatible with the new UK GBG TiTo Standards. Importantly, the firm has been working hard to ensure that both its analogue and digital offerings are included in the new ‘open architecture’ to allow operators convenient access to the most innovative game titles on the market.

Purely in terms of analogue, Astra has made it first to market with a fully compatible TiTo solution via its three-player models Bullion Bars and House of Fortune, which will be followed by the up and coming TiTo-ready Arena range. Added to that, there has been an encouraging uplift in demand for conversion kits for Magic Games 100 and Magic Games in the FV600 cabinet, both of which are TiTo-friendly.

Astra has also been working in close partnership with NOVOMATIC colleague Crown Technologies to develop a TiTo solution for its Luxury Leisure AGC estate. The result is the Slimchange ticket change station which has been selected for its ground-breaking functionality wrapped up in a discrete package that boasts space saving ergonomics.

Alan Rogers, Sales and Marketing Director at Astra Games, commented: “The benefits of TiTo, including increased brand loyalty, in-venue promotions and enhanced security have all been well documented. But what is interesting is that we’re seeing a growing number of operators seeking to explore the TiTo option which does have noteworthy – and positive – implications for the market. For example, as operators shift towards an ‘all-TiTo’ business model, it does place more emphasis on investing in entirely new games because TiTo cannot be retro-fitted onto legacy products.”

And there’s optimism, too, on the design front as Game Design Director Andy Dinning explained. “In addition to the cashless functionality of TiTo, Astra is working tremendously hard in the background with its R&D team to secure other innovative patents and processes that we are convinced will appeal to players and operators alike. Crucially, we are in the fortunate position of being able to stress test new ideas with our internal partners to produce a class leading product.”

Astra’s TiTo initiative has been deployed to brilliant effect in the AGC estate of partner company Luxury Leisure. Operations Director Paul Hyman stated: “We are delighted with the progress that’s been achieved by the people at Astra Games who played a pivotal role in the industry’s move to achieve the new UK GBG TiTo Standards. I would like to thank them for their endeavours and for enabling a seamless integration of TiTo into our estate.”

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