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Astra takes top trio to Park Avenue Open Day

Bridgend based Astra Games heads to Park Avenue Open Day with a trio of hot models comprising Magic Games and Slotto 500 Deluxe in the FV600 cabinet and Community £100 Bonus.  

Slotto 500 Deluxe represents the latest B3 offering from the Astra stable and delivers an 18-strong suite of top class games, all stylishly housed in the iconic and widely lauded FV600 cabinet. Taken in the round, it elevates the B3 compendium genre to a new, higher level with eye-catching looks and unrivalled playability, but without the costly price hike normally associated with a premium quality product.

Sales and Marketing Director Alan Rogers commented: “The B3 market is constantly evolving and we recognise the need to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of what is becoming a very discerning player base. Slotto 500 Deluxe offers ticks all the right boxes – it has that all-important walk-up factor thanks to its ‘casino pedigree’ cabinet. And, vitally, it comes loaded with a fine choice of games that players will enjoy time and again.”

Also presented in the FV600 cabinet is the ever popular Magic Games, with its brilliant 12-strong compendium of Cat C games combining some popular old favourites with a sprinkling of new titles. Again, the product has benefited incredibly well from being positioned in NOVOMATIC’s iconic casino style cabinet and has been received warmly by players.

On the video gaming front, leading the charge will be Astra’s Cat C multiplayer, Community £100 Bonus. This is a six-strong compendium of feature packed games comprising Space Kings, Winwall, Cashanooga, Bars Attacks, Thunderflash Cash and 100.00BC.

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