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Astra solidifies showcase success

Astra Games will be taking a high profile presence on the Novomatic UK stand at EAG with two of its most popular and recognised products Austin Powers and Wonder Wheel taking centre stage.

Claire Peet, Sales Manager at Astra Games stated: “Our ‘showcase’ product at last year’s EAG was the analogue sit-down Austin Powers, which received a great deal of interest and a number of customers told us they’d also like to see it in the Wow cabinet so that’s what we did. After a successful preview at ACOS the upright version has received positive test feedback and orders have been placed. Austin Powers is now part of our Wow “family” of games and we’re delighted to be bringing the full three player analogue, upright version to the show this year. With its illuminated in-fill panels for maximum visual impact the machine has been a huge winner for operators across the country and has proved highly successful across the categories including Cat C, Cat C Lite and Cat D. We continue to be encouraged by the positive feedback for our licensed products and Austin Powers, with its immediately recognisable brand and strong core game, continues to deliver on all fronts.”

With a sharp focus on AGCs, FECs and Bingo Halls Astra will also be displaying Wonder Wheel, its latest simple play lo tech game.  Claire Peet explained: “Wonder Wheel forms part of our strategy to deliver flexible, reliable and eye-catching products to operators across a wide range of sites. With its combinations of traditional reels, aesthetically stunning video wheel of fortune style top game experience and attractive jackpots, it’s guaranteed to create a sense of theatre in any venue.

“The machine is not only TITO compatible and fitted with an NV9 Note Acceptor, it can also be switched to Cat C Lite or Cat D giving operators full flexibility over their content. Wonder Wheel delivers across the board as an adaptable game and the timing of EAG couldn’t be better as we set out to showcase why it is suited to any and every site in the UK ahead of the main operating season.”

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