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Astra hits the spot with Hotspot Deluxe

Astra Games has quite literally hit the spot with its latest offering for the Cat C market segment in Hot Spot Deluxe. Designed from the ground up to entertain players in the arcade and bingo sectors, this machine represents Astra’s latest release in the iconic FV623 cabinet.

Player choice has been brought right to the fore, with a pre-loaded selection of no less than 18 games accompanied by Astra’s innovative ‘wall package’ that allows the operator to showcase as little or as many titles as required.

Explaining more about Hot Spot Deluxe was Sales and Marketing Director Alan Rogers. He noted: “With its stunning array of entertaining game titles, this latest Astra launch can be tailored to suit the requirements of any operator and bring a fresh touch to their venues.

“The current game pack comprises a compelling mixture of top performing Cat C titles from the Astra Games and Bell-Fruit Games stables. They feature alongside some brand new games that are simply bristling with exciting new features. With trails, roulette gambles and free spins, there really is something for every player! Housed in the FV623 cabinet with its slim lined design and vibrant artwork, this machine is ready to add an enticing new gaming dimension to any arcade or bingo hall!”

Rogers was also keen to emphasise the positive impact that the new £100 payout has had on the Cat C genre. He added: “As with any Triennial Review, there were equal levels of high expectation and uncertainty as to how the market would respond to a £100 Cat C jackpot. We’re happy to say that the players have really warmed to the new payout and, interestingly, we’re even beginning to see players who had drifted over to LBO style products migrating back to Cat C. Evidently, in Cat C, they see a game that can be both rewarding and entertaining to play.”


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