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Astra Gaming Group hails Park Avenue success

The Astra Gaming Group has responded positively to the recent Park Avenue Open Day organised by Electrocoin Sales and UDC. The annual event was well attended by a quality crowd of industry personnel who travelled to NW10 to see a host of new and current equipment from Astra Games, Bell-Fruit Games, Empire Games and RLMS Sales.

Alan Rogers, Sales and Marketing Director at Astra Games, reflected: “Astra Games would like to say a heartfelt thank-you to John Stergides and his team at Electrocoin for their hard work and endeavour in putting together yet another fantastic annual Open Day event. In keeping with recent years, there was a good crowd of quality people gathered together from the industry ranks. It afforded us an ideal opportunity to showcase our latest products and, vitally, listen to ideas and feedback from some key customers.”

Phil Boulton, Managing Director of RLMS Sales, summarised: “We had another great day at this year’s Park Avenue gathering and our thanks go to John, Kevin and all the team behind Electrocoin and UDC who put so much effort into organising it. For ourselves, our presence there is largely social; catching up with a few customers and suppliers, but also for us, very useful in seeing some new product displays. A few sales were also done - a wonderful BBQ and I also won a signed 1-D T-Shirt in the Rays of Sunshine Raffle. How could the day have been any better!? Long may these annual events continue!”

Craig Beer, Managing Director of Empire Games, added: “We are obviously very grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to exhibit our two current models, Ten Ten Do It Again and Gold Run at this year’s Park Avenue Open Day. Both games were given a warm welcome which was hugely encouraging. It’s also worth acknowledging the efforts of organiser Electrocoin who did a great job in bringing so many industry people together to network and conduct business.”

Paying tribute to the organisers, John McLoughlin, Sales and Marketing Director, Bell-Fruit Games, said: “Park Avenue is a brilliantly executed annual event that always manages to bring together the great and the good of the industry. As well as offering a convivial environment within which to showcase our latest games, it affords a rare opportunity to catch up with our colleagues across the industry and gauge the prevailing trading conditions.”  

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